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Valencia Events

Top ten attractions

We offer a list of the main sights and attractions in Valencia. This is the top ten highlights that you can't miss.


Opera House

Available Hotels

Valencia Maps

Valencia city bicycles

Valenbisi service consist of 2.750 bicycles distributed in 275 stations and set up in different parts of the city to promote the use of bikes and its integration into the public transport.

Travel tips

We offer the following travel tips to help you plan your holiday activities in the city of Valencia, Spain.


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Featured Hotels in Valencia

70 €
Hotel Zenit
Bailen Street 8, 46007 Valencia
The Hotel Zenit Valencia is a 4-star hotel newly opened situated in the city's historic and financial centre. It is next to the train station and the Plaza de Toros, and very close to Valencia's Town Hall Square. More Zenit hotel details...
117 €
Las Arenas Balneario Resort
Eugenia Vi?es 22 - 24, 46011 Valencia
This 5-star resort has a superb seafront location with direct access to Valencia's Las Arenas Beach. The Las Arenas Balneario features 2 seasonal outdoor pools surrounded by loungers, and a luxurious spa. More hotel details...
48 €
SH Ingles
Marques de Dos Aguas 6, 46002 Valencia
This elegant hotel is housed in an impressive, 18th-century palace in the heart of Valencia’s main business district and within walking distance of many of its most popular tourist sites. More hotel details...
58 €
Hotel Medium Conqueridor
Cervantes 9, 46007 Valencia
The modern Hotel Medium Conqueridor is located in central Valencia, just 250 metres from Norte Railway Station. The spacious, air-conditioned rooms have free Wi-Fi and flat-screen satellite TV. More hotel details...
59 €
Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace
Plaza Rodrigo Botet 5, 46002 Valencia
The Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace offers air-conditioned rooms with free mineral water and flat-screen satellite TV. It is centrally located just 500 metres from Valencia Nord Train Station. More hotel details...

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